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Thank you for visiting FartByMail.com. Started in late 2012 by brothers Zach and Josh, we proudly mailed farts for 10 years! We shipped farts to 93 countries and every state in the USA. We also sent farts to various territories, military bases, and even prisons.

Fart By Mail - Postman Our business exploded in 2012 as we fortunately received positive media attention from radio, tv, blogs, news sites, podcasts, gift guides, and magazines.

We worked day and night mailing farts to get them out before the holidays. Our mother kindly helped pack orders as we struggled to keep up.

We appreciate all of the support and encouragement we received from our family, friends, and fans. Farts are universally funny and resonate strongly between family members.

Most Fart By Mails were sent by people to close family and friends. The good spirited messages that we helped send were always heartwarming and motivated us to keep sending them year after year.

Fart By Mail - Scientists Our research and development continued over the years to improve the fart release and smell. We also continued streamlining our fulfillment process.

Fart By Mail - Reaction However, due to the demands of our day jobs, family, and other pursuits, we have decided to pause taking orders for now.

We encourage you to have a nostalgic look at archived copies of our website over the years.

Also enjoy our YouTube videos at youtube.com/user/FartByMail Fart By Mail - Reaction

Please stay in touch! We love to hear from you. [email protected]

Fart By Mail - Dog Lastly, do you have what it takes to lift farts to new heights? Let us know. We are open to collaborations or selling the business, which includes brand, supplies, website, bespoke ecommerce fulfillment software, and secret fart formula. We are sure there's a wind of opportunity blowing for someone with the right combination of entrepreneurial spirit and a nose for... unconventional scents.

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